Build Relationships. Not Your Ego. (Part1)

Bruce Knight - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'm glad I have your attention. 

In this blog post, I am going to get straight to the point. No BS. Telling it like it is. 

Being involved with many businesses from small micro to large multi- nationals, I see & hear every day the impact of human interaction and what is does to a business’s bottom line. I will tell you about one of Australia's biggest multinational chains rapidly declining in market share, in one of my future blog posts.

For now let's get serious. What is a business built upon? Its brand, reputation, product, service, supply chain, venders, infrastructure? Yes to some degree, however big businesses are built upon customers, everyday people like you and me. What makes a small micro business turn into a multimillion dollar business sustainable for the long term? Customers, customers, customers. It's that simple!

So why do so many business fail miserably on this simple concept?

Here's why...

  • 1. Greed - most people go into business for the wrong reasons
  • 2. Ego boost - to feel superior than everyone else
  • 3. Wrong product/service - have not identified a true need of what people want

So what is the right reasons to build a successful profitable business sustainable for the long term?

  • 1. Go into business to help people
  • 2. Identify what the customer wants
  • 3. Develop a product that solves their frustration/pain

It's that simple! Build positive relationships with your customers and watch your profits grow.

Bruce Knight
Business Network Alliance Australia
Entrepreneur, Business Success Coach & Strategist, Educator, Mentor, Author
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