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    Mar, 2017

    Mould your dream life - Why your daily habits will mould your success or failure


    We are all creatures of habits. Its in our dna as human beings. So why are so many of us struggle to maintain any sort of reasonable lifestyle. So why are so many of us not where we want to be? It simply comes down to this... Our daily habits. The way we utilise our time & resources. Remember we are creatures of habits. No matter what your goal is, what you do consistenly & the specfic small steps you take daily will determine if you reach your goal or not. Work to  Read More...
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    Feb, 2017

    Are you in it for the wrong reasons?


    As a business coach/mentor I hear and see a lot of different ways of doings things. As I like to call it... strange, and yet to some that is the only way to do it. I remember the first business I was involved with - Lawn Mowing & Maintenance. For me back then it was to be my own boss, work my own hours and of course earn better money than I was when I was working for someone. That all sounded great in theory, putting it into practice was the challenge. Now it wasn't becaus  Read More...
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    Jan, 2017

    Find Your Passion - Do what you love


    As I talk to business owners around the the country, I am often asked the question - How do you maintain your enthusiasm & commitment in you business. I put it simply like this. Do what you love & are passionate about. This is what drives me day in & day out, through the many challenges I face. I consistently challenge myself & strive for doing better each new day - always striving for personal growth. This is the fire in my furnace. Yes, sure there are m  Read More...
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