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    Apr, 2017

    Small Business - The backbone to the Australian Economy


    I recently took an overdue break for a couple of weeks and decided to go on a road trip down the east coast of Australia. Travelling through towns I often stopped for regular breaks to stretch my legs and to fuel up both for my car and body. As I made these stops, I often started friendly chats to many local business owners about some of the frustrations they are dealing with on a regular basis, and it made me think more into the very heart & soul of who we are as a nati  Read More...
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    Mar, 2017

    Scrap the Education Curriculum & Start Again


    If you take a close look at Australia's economy and in fact the world economy, you will get a glim picture. However it's not all doom & gloom. As we look back at history and see the facts, most of today's problems/issues have stemmed from decisions and lack of vision by our predecessors. They acted on the information they was in front of them and acted and made decisions accordingly at that particular time. Times have changed, the landscape has changed, people & cultures hav  Read More...
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    Nov, 2016

    7 Must-Do Tips for Start-Ups to Generate Good PR


    Creating a recognisable brand takes years to build. Building trust with your customers, suppliers, employees and the list goes on. I believe, that any product/service is marketing if the right strategic plan is well thought out & in place and key objectives are being met on a consistent basis. Building key industry alliances, positive relationships in business is the key to a successful brand, therefore a successful, profitable business. 1. Identify your target media ou  Read More...
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    Dec, 2015

    Take Advantage of Free PR


    As explained in my previous blog, the key to business success is gaining the trust of your customers, for them to return year after year. Obtaining Free Publicity not only helps with minimising cost. It also ‘Brands you an expert’ in your field. To do this, it takes time, often over many, many years. Look at ways, ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to marketing. Ensure every marketing dollar (if you choose to allocate $$), is generating Return On Investment (ROI). Remembe  Read More...
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