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    Feb, 2017

    What, Who is stopping YOU? (Part 2)


    continued from...What, Who is stopping YOU? (/blog/what-who-is-stopping-you-part-one) In my last post, I gave you the story about the young child overcoming huge hurdles & completely changing the direction of their life. And you can too, whatever the current circumstances you face today. Here's how... 1. Identify the issues/s 2. Deal with the issue/s, head on 3. Make the past a blessing (move on) 4. Create a support team 5. Start a new chapter (write a n  Read More...
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    Jan, 2017

    Find Your Passion - Do what you love


    As I talk to business owners around the the country, I am often asked the question - How do you maintain your enthusiasm & commitment in you business. I put it simply like this. Do what you love & are passionate about. This is what drives me day in & day out, through the many challenges I face. I consistently challenge myself & strive for doing better each new day - always striving for personal growth. This is the fire in my furnace. Yes, sure there are m  Read More...
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